Photoshop Video Tutorial - create realistic ball - sphere in photoshop

create realistic photoshop sphere ball tutorial In our previous tutorials we talked about how to create a 3D sphere in Inkscape, using lights and shadows.
In this Photoshop video tutorial we will discuss how we can make a 3D sphere in Photoshop.
The sphere that we do in photoshop will be almost identical with the sphere that we already made ​​it in Inkscape.
The only difference will be that the sphere of fotoshop will not be saved as vector graphics.

This simple photoshop video tutorial will teach the beginners how to use layers, how to create a perfect sphere, how to change the color of the shape without paint tool, and so on.
This photoshop video tutorial will also theach the beginners how to use layer mask tool. This layer mask tool is very important if you want to bend pictures together, if you want to make a collage in photoshop, and so on. But this will be the subject to another tutorial.
For now, find out how to make a sphere, a realistic sphere in photoshop.


Inkscape video tutorial - create a simple shaded cup

cup shading inkscape tutorialThis is another simple tutorial for inkscape beginners. In this short video tutorial you will learn how to make a simple cup, with cup handle and appropriate shading.  In this tutorial have used knowledge learned previously in other tutorials. It ns not complex, therefore we will not use snap to grid option, or guides, we will only use different shapes, we will learn how to cut shapes, and so on.

The cup is made Cup is made ​​from the bottom and top. These two parts are made ​​of two oval shapes, one larger and another smaller. From these two forms are preserved only difference in size, difference tool. For the contour we created a rectangle, modified with the help of nodes and paths. the part inside the cup was made using the fill tool.

We learn here that in order to make a shape bigger we will use outset tool Ctrl+) and in order to make a shape smaller we can use inset tool ¨ctrl+(¨.

She shading is very simple. For that we will use Linear gradient from ¨Fill and Stroke¨ dialog box.


inkscape video tutorial - working with paths and nodes

working with paths and nodes inkscape tutorialThis is another simple tutorial for inkscape beginners. Here you will learn how to work with nodes and paths in Inkscape.  You will learn how to modify a shape using nodes, how to control nodes to adjust the shape as you want, how to split a shape by nodes, how to delete, add, move, join nodes, and much more.

In the beginning this tutorial will teach you how to add a node, how to move a node on a segment, how to delete a segment between two nodes. Also, will learn how to make segments curves or lines as well as how to edit nodes to modify the shape as you want to.

This inkscape video tutorial is very simple and intuitive, only for beginners. I tried to use only nodes, in order to accommodate with nodes usage. After that, i will show you an example about how to create a simple boat by using nodes and paths, and how to edit them to obtain a draw of a boat. 

Enjoy the tutorial:


Inkscape video tutorial - 3d box with extrude effect

inkscape 3d box extrude effectThis is another simple tutorial for inkscape beginners, that will show you how to make a simple box, that looks like a 3d box with inkscape. It is important to mention that the same effect (pseudo 3d) could be obtained only with the proper arrangement of multiple shapes. But this procedure takes a lot of time. Instead, using inkscape built-in extrude effect  is a lot more easy.

Extrude effect is used by many graphic software to create stunning 3d effects. Here we will create only a simple box, to show you the principle of using extrude effect in 3d. This is not all what inkscape can do regarding its capabilities. More complex tutorials will come soon.

But for now, Just use extrude effect to create a simple box.

Star by making a rectangle, adjust it to look like a parallelogram, duplicate it, put the duplicated at the bottom. Select both of them, go to extensions, them Generate from path, and choose Extrude. Check Live preview, and after you are happy with the results click apply and close.

Extrude effect will create a group of shapes, with some transparency. You can adjust transparency, you can also ungroup (ctrl + shift + g) rearrange shapes, and group them again with Ctrl+G.



Inkscape tutorial - How to use and draw with bezier curves

inkscape tutorial - draw with bezier curveBezier curves are often used in computer graphic. Most powerful graphic software like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape uses Bezier Curve. Bezier Curve is actually a parametric curve. This simple tutorial will show you how to use bezier curves in Inkscape, how to draw with Bezier Curves. Inkscape is a very powerful vector editor, and a good vector graphic cannot be done without the use of bezier curve.

The power of bezier curve come from their possibility of modifying  them. After you draw a shape with the use of bezier curve, in inkscape you can use edit node path to edit that shape. Once you click the shape, you will see all the control points from the curve. you can easily click on one control point and move it around the screen to modify the Bezier cuvrve.

This simple bezier curve tutorial is just for the beginners. In this tutorial you will leanr what is a bezier curve, how to use a bezier curve, (just the basics), how to draw simple shapes using Bezier curves.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


Create text effect in inkscape - Video tutorial

create text effect in inkscape, video tutorial

This short video tutorial will show you how to create a simple text effect using Inkscape. It is also a good tutorial for leaning the usage of "Align and Distribute" tool, as well as  a good opportunity to practice with the gradient tool. You will also learn the usage of Flip tools. Horizontally and vertically.

Basically all you have to do here is to write some text, duplicate it, flip horizontally, move the modified text at the bottom of original, apply  gradient, edit the gradient to look more realistic, and that is all.

the video tutorial will explain more detailed how to do all that. How to create the text, how to duplicate it, hot to apply the gradient, etc.

In conclusion, this Inkscape text effect is very easy to learn. Practically, in order to create this kind of text effect with Inkscape, you only need few minutes.


Create photo frame in InkScape - video tutorial

inkscape photo frame tutorialThis is another simple tutorial which will explain how to create a simple photo frame. There are a lot of programs used for photo frame creation, but sometime is necessary to make your own photo frame, according to your needs. Making a photo frame in Inkscape is a little more difficult than using a software that do that automatically,  but it has the advantage that the result will be Fully customizable.

I forget to specify in this tutorial. To select all figures, press F1 for the select and transformation tool, use mouse to select all figures, and then use File > Export to export the new file.  I don't know in which format can Inkscape export its files, because I have only used png.

If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to comment this video tutorial, either here or on youtube.

This video tutorial about how to make a simple photo frame is for absolute beginners, and the completion time is between 10 and 15 minutes.


Create a simple ball in inkscape - video tutorial

inkscape tutorialIn this post you will learn how to make a simple ball using InkScape,  in my opinion the best graphic, vector-based freeware. Inkscape has the advantage of being  open source which means you can use it for free with no problem, but also is a little difficult to use, especially for a beginner. Therefore, although there are a lot of Inkscape tutorials on the Internet, I choose to make some InkScape tutorials for absolute beginner.

This tutorial will show  you how to create a simple but realistic ball using Inkscape. All you need for this free video Inkscape tutorial in Inkscape, which can be downloaded from here.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a simple ball using Inkscape. This Inkscape video tutorial is very simple, for absolute beginners, and the completion time is about 5 - 10 minutes.

You will learn from this tutorial about object colors, object transform, and also you will learn how to use. radial gradient.


How to burn iso image to cd dvd - video tutorial

use deep burner to burn iso image

Well, this is one of my tutorials from my previous version. Not very well done, but good enough for you to make an idea about how you can burn an ISO image CD or DVD.

Burning an image is very easy if you use a free software like deep burner, which is very efficient, not only in burning an iso image to cd or dvd, but also in burning normal data cd's or dvd's.

Deep burner is freeware, and can be used without any restriction. You can download  for free. From their website. You can choose the right version of  Deep Burner from HERE. I would recommend the portable edition which can be directly downloaded from here.

If you will watch the tutorial carefully you will see that is not very difficult to both a image to cd or dvd using a freeware utility like Deep Burner.

Here you can watch the video tutorial about how to burn an iso image using Deep Burner:



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